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NFTs in gaming is the thing everyone wants to talk about these days and there is one platform that must be mentioned: Treeverse. Enter an MMORPG with an epic story and amazing gameplay.

About Treeverse

The story of Treeverse starts from NFtrees, a project that was all about a collection of NFT plots in the newly founded Treeverse. The platform quickly grew from a place where original plot holders could create their own worlds to an entire game platform which the platform currently is all about right now. You can enjoy a MOBA-style combat system game with a lot of opportunities to earn and enjoy yourself as you progress through the game. The platform is still under development, so there is still some advantage to anyone who decides to become part of the early adoption.

What Makes Treeverse Different?

There is an incredible amount of competition present in the metaverse gaming niche and new titles seem to be entering every day or week. Taking on such a bold challenge can be quite daunting and you can be sure to have to fight your way towards recognition. The creators of Treeverse are aware of that challenge, so they have created a platform that could rival any top MMORPG in terms of playability, earning opportunities, and so much more. Here are some of the main selling points of Treeverse that you might want to consider as a player and investor.

  • There is an extensive storyline and playability included in the game which allows players to fight mighty beasts, create incredible weapons, form guilds and groups, take on dungeon challenges, and enjoy a thrilling and exciting lore with more than enough depth to it.
  • The game offers a complete marketplace where players can go to trade different items, including armors, weapons, and even pets. There is so much more to trade, and the items can be found or earned in the game that the players can even sell as NFTs to make money.
  • The money-making aspect tends to take away from the game’s playing experience as some developers tend to lose focus on it. That is not the case for Treeverse where you can expect to enjoy a complex and comprehensive growth experience with a multitude of skills to grow, including range, melee, mining, crafting, fishing, woodcutting, and so much more.

Treverse Team

The people who have built Treeverse have vast experience in blockchain development and game development. 

How to Participate?

While there is no public information published regarding an ICO for Treeverse, you can keep checking the company website for updates on the matter.

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