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Developing financial solutions for the blockchain is not easy and the platforms doing it can tell you all you need to know. TrueLayer is trying to make their life easy through its open banking solution.

About TrueLayer

Banking is an essential part of everyone’s life, and accessing your accounts easily is extremely important. Companies came up with countless apps that can provide those services on your palm. However, the introduction of crypto and tokens has complicated things once again. With every platform trying to grapple at the situation and come up with a solution, TrueLayer has introduced a platform that meets the consumers’ needs and allows other platforms to follow suit.

How Does TrueLayer Work?

The important thing to keep in mind when asking this question is the fact that TrueLayer is going beyond just providing a tailored solution for modern-day banking. It also creates a suitable environment for the industry to evolve by creating a developer-first approach. To fully understand its impact, you need to have a first-hand experience of the platform. Meanwhile, you can look at some of the salient features that TrueLayer has to offer.

  • The company is offering a complete suite of payment solutions for its customers to make it possible for them to send and research money through the fastest possible route with the minimum possible fees. The three main components include their PayDirect service, the Payments API, and the Payouts service.
  • The app supports a wide network of banks that you can easily connect to your account. As a service provider, this feature would allow you to onboard your customers securely and at a much faster pace without needing AML or KYC procedures.
  • The platform is targeting multiple industries to utilize the products TrueLayer has to offer and enhance the experience of their own customers. The main targets include iGaming, Digital Banking, Wealthtech, Personal Finance, E-commerce, and Crypto Trading.
  • The platform is also developer-friendly and has committed to providing code to developers who want to utilize their service to build their own platform.

TrueLayer Team

TrueLayer is the creation of a diverse and highly experienced team that includes finance specialists, blockchain developers and experts, sales and marketing individuals, entrepreneurs, and more.

How to Participate?

TrueLayer has not yet announced a date for a possible ICO. However, you can follow their website and socials to stay up to date on future changes.

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