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The P2E crypto market is growing constantly with new entrants coming almost every day. Tryhards provides a unique gaming experience of its own as an NFT-based P2E top-down shooting game.

About Tryhards

With so many NFT based P2E games launching everywhere these days, it is hard to choose one to play and invest in. Each game has its unique dynamics, and it offers a different kind of value, both in terms of playability and earning potential. Therefore, it eventually comes down to the overall experience that the game provides and its USPs, along with the economics involved. Tryhards is taking a tried and tested route by launching an action shooter with NFT players.

How Does Tryhards Work?

The basic principle behind Tryhards is almost the same as any other NFT based P2E game and you can immediately tell that when you explore it a little bit. However, creating an excellent top-down action shooting game is a challenge itself, and the platform does seem to have done quite a good job of that. Of course, that is only the basic part of the game, and the real fun comes when you start looking for unique offerings. 

The game provides a wide range of ownership options when it comes to NFTs. Unlike many other games that focus on a specific part of the game to create as an NFT, you can get NFT based on ownership of everything including Weapons, Fanatics (player characters), and more.

  • Upgradability is a huge attraction point for NFT games as they allow low-level NFTs to increase in value through effort and skill. You can use Crystals to make those upgrades and they can be crafted and used for upgrading your Fanatics.
  • The exclusive marketplace provided within the place allows you to trade all kinds of NFTs, including Fanatics, Weapons, and Crystals. If you want to create a strong collection, then this is a great place to do it.
  • You can also get your hands on the Try Tokens by staking your Universe Power which you earn in the game. The more Universe Power you have, the more tokens you can get awarded.

Tryhards Team

Tryhards is a platform created by seasoned blockchain specialists, crypto experts, game developers, and creatives. They are also backed by a team of advisors from multiple investment platforms.

How to Participate?

With no ICO currently announced, you can stay updated on future developments by joining their website and social platforms.

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