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Manage your NFTs like a pro using an easy-to-use platform that UNQ Club provides its users. Also, get your hands on unique NFTs created in the UNQ Universe through the Evolution process.
Token sale completed on 16 December
Goal: $3,400,000
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About UNQ Club

Making it easy to manage your NFTs is what seems to be the biggest strength for UNQ Club, a unique blockchain space that allows you to “take your game to the next level”. UNQ Club is a one-of-a-kind NFT platform with an exclusive club feature enabling you to gain access to highly exclusive content and NFTs and grow your own collection while making money.

What Makes UNQ Club Different?

The thing that UNQ Club advertises about itself is the exclusive layers of access that its many clubs provide to their users. Creating this system of uniqueness at so many levels make it especially attractive for NFT collectors and makers. Here are a few things about UNQ Club that you need to know.

  • The name suggests, is a platform where you can form and join clubs with exclusive content and NFTs. Find similar interests and gain access to some highly lucrative clubs that could lead to you finding unique and highly valuable NFTs as well.
  • All the NFTs on this platform are not only collectible but also usable as assets in games and other areas as well. The possibilities are pretty much endless in terms of how much you can leverage your NFTs and make money from them, either through trading or by using them as assets in multiple scenarios.
  • UNQ Universe is a dedicated platform for getting NFTs and it is also directly linked to the UNQ Club’s services. A key feature to see here is the Evolution feature that provides you the ability to gain unique and rare NFTs and increase their value as they evolve.

The Team

A key attraction for joining the UNQ Club is the team that is handling this huge project. Highly experienced and passionate software and blockchain developers are leading the game here and the partnerships they have garnered for the platform also give it a unique advantage in terms of reach and access to special services.

How to Participate?

UNQ Club is holding an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on December 16, 2021, on Solanium. You will need to get your wallet whitelisted to participate. The total fundraising goal is a precise 6,566,604 of the UNQ tokens which will be sold at a rate of USD 0.053 per token.

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Token Sale: 13 December — 16 December
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