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Managing DAOs is not easy, especially with the number of people involved and the financial complexities that come with them. Utopia helps you control DAO finances like payroll and expenses.

About Utopia

Utopia is providing a service that seems to be at the very core of what decentralized apps and platforms are all about. It tackles the first thing that crypto was introduced to fix: finance. There are countless businesses out there that have their payrolls and expenses being managed by traditional software that rely on concepts tied to traditional finance. However, for DAOs, that cannot work effectively, so the solution had to be similar in nature to the problem. Utopia provides a decentralized and collaborative environment for DAOs to effectively manage their expenses and payroll.

How Does Utopia Work?

Utopia is a unique platform in many ways, even while tackling an extremely common requirement. With so many DAOs operating worldwide now, the need to manage them effectively while keeping in mind the nature of the operation was extremely effective. With Utopia, you get a range of features that claim to provide a solution that would be suitable for such organizations. Here are a few of those features which you should know about as a user and investor.

  • Payments are one of the most common things that DAOs need to deal with every day. With us, it is possible to automate the payment process for any recurring payments like payroll and other items that happen recurringly. The system allows payments through both tokens and USD, depending on the need.
  • Transparency is a big thing for DAOs and with Utopia, it is possible to maintain that image for every DAO. The analytics dashboard on Utopia provides complete and transparent access to all members for managing funds and financial reporting requirements.
  • With technical features completely covered, Utopia also allows DAOs to stay compliant through its many features dedicated for that purpose. It has tax withholdings that include more than 11,000 jurisdictions at the federal, state, and local levels. You can also file 1099 and W2 with it every year.

The Team

The people who have created Utopia are not only veteran software and blockchain developers but highly experienced finance professionals as well. They have vast experience developing finance solutions and have the expertise to bring this tool to fruition.

How to Participate?

There is no information provided by Utopia regarding any upcoming ICO. However, you can keep an eye on new developments by following their website and staying in touch with their social media accounts.

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