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Project management is becoming increasingly complex and so are the tools used for it. Wonder is creating a web3 solution that is intuitive and easy to use, allowing DAOs to organize projects easily.

About Wonder

DAOs are becoming more and more popular these days. You can find a wide range of platforms where DAOs oversee every affair. That means there is a lot of collaboration involved and projects are being undertaken all the time. Since most of these happen on the web3.0 platforms, the need for a solution that could be run seamlessly alongside any project of such nature was bound to come up. Wonder is a platform that fulfills that need by providing the tools necessary to make managing web 3.0 projects easier.

What Makes Wonder Different?

Providing a tool that is virtually non-existent on web 3.0 platforms is probably the most obvious win that Wonder has in its belt. However, being new alone is simply not enough, and there needs to be an intuitive usability aspect that must be present. The developers at Wonder realize this need and have provided several tools to address it properly. Here are a few main functionalities that you should consider as a user and a potential investor.

  • The system makes the entire task management process quite intuitive and focused on how web 3.0 developers may want to handle different tasks. Creating and configuring workflows, managing permissions, and ensuring transparency are seamlessly baked into the system.
  • Compensation management is also integrated into the system, allowing administrators to provide compensations automatically upon completion and approval of tasks. The system supports payments through any currency or token that the project owner would want to use.
  • A detailed analytics dashboard is provided which uses multiple critical metrics to determine performance and match them with KPIs for all contributors and teams across the board.
  • Engage with community members by viewing profiles and understanding individuals according to their expertise and personalities through a public domain.
  • Collaborative approach in project infrastructures to allow power networks to form and provide shared advantages for all users on the system.

Wonder Team

Wonder is built by a team of software developers and blockchain experts, people with experience as project managers, entrepreneurs, and other core business systems experts with strong profiles and industry presence.

How to Participate?

The sale of Wonder’s token is expected to happen in the coming days and weeks. Keep in touch with their Discord to get the latest updates and become an investor on the platform.

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