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Cryptocurrencies may be talking about decentralized networks and open access to the public are still owned by a small group. Worldcoin aims to change that by distributing the currency to everyone globally.

About Worldcoin

Any system that is successful globally is generally one that runs on a massive scale with easy public access. Emails, social media, and online marketplaces are a few examples of such networks. If cryptocurrencies or currencies, in general, took that approach, the health of the global economy would also be much better than the way it is right now. That is exactly the thought that the developers of Worldcoin are running with by producing a digital global currency that everyone can have initial access to with a fair distribution system.

What Makes Worldcoin Different?

Launching a digital currency comes with a bunch of challenges, many of which are pretty difficult and time-consuming in nature. Dealing with them requires dedication, which can take away from the time to build and market the currency. Thankfully, Worldcoin creators have considered those circumstances and there are so many interesting things that are happening with Worldcoin and the more you read about them, the more you realize how unique this currency is when compared to other digital currencies that we are seeing out there.

  • The currency is relying highly on its efforts to get people signed up across the globe. One of the field tests they have running is targeting a 1-billion sign ups goal and then growing beyond that once achieved. Actual individuals are dedicating time as Orb Operators to get people to join the platform and their success is quite surprising.
  • Identity verification is being done using biometrics, a field that is both popular and most used for individual identification. It is also already tied in with so many other networks globally, making it the perfect tool for the job. Iris recognition is also being considered for its highly unique features, higher resistance to fraud, and the practical approach it provides.
  • Dedicated mobile wallet app that allows access to all kinds of assets across the Ethereum ecosystem through decentralized operations and non-custodial wallet design.

Worldcoin Team

The people who have designed Worldcoin come with an extensive background in cryptocurrency trading, blockchain development, financial markets, and stocks management, and so much more. They are truly a one-of-a-kind team with unique and diverse specialties.

How to Participate?

Worldcoin has not shared any public information regarding an upcoming ICO. However, you can keep an eye on their website and socials to stay up to date for future involvement in the platform.

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