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The world of crypto gaming is blowing up and it was only a matter of time before someone turned their attention to wrestling. Forget WWE, it is time to get in the arena yourself and make money.

About Wrassler

Gaming is a vast industry and there are countless games out there catering to the interests of a highly diverse crowd. However, most of the action we see is on huge titles with a lot of following. One arena that has not had the limelight so far was the world of wrestling. While there are games offering that experience, it never became a globally popular title. Wrassler is trying to turn that around by offering players the opportunity to make money in a simple and easy to play the game.

How Does Wrassler Work?

Making a wrestling game is not an easy task and adding financial incentives could be even more challenging. However, the developers at Wrassler know this and decided to take that challenge head-on by creating a game that offers quite a few unique perks. Being in its early stages also means that some additional benefits are also there to be earned. Here are some of the top features of Wrassler that could make it a viable investment option for you.

  • The game offers an extremely fair playing experience as your NFT is the wrestler you get for the game. To make it fair, the platform uses Chainlink VRF to randomize the attributes that your wrestler comes with. This means no one can buy their way towards a win and would have to put the same time and energy into making their Wrassler worthwhile.
  • The game is currently in Alpha mode and as a special offer, the company is providing the first 1000 Wrasslers completely free of cost. And when we say completely, it means that they are also covering the gas fees for the minting process. This could end up being a surefire profit strategy once the game fully takes off.
  • The game offers multiple incentives, some of which are unique. You can train your Wrassler to make them more advanced and to avoid troubles, you can use the in-game currency $MATIC as well.
  • Defeating all the 5 Genesis Wrasslers gets players into a lucky draw with a 1 ETH pot!

Wrassler Team

Wrassler is created by a team of highly talented and experienced blockchain experts, game designers, app developers, and of course, wrestling enthusiasts.

How to Participate?

There is no ICO announcement given by Wrassler right now, but you can find out about future updates by checking out their website and socials.

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