Managing crypto capital is no simple task and the platforms offering that service know the importance of efficiency and privacy. X-Margin aims to provide a comprehensive solution for that.

About X-Margin

Look around and you will find an endless stream of platforms offering crypto trading services to the masses. However, while they are trying to provide that service, a major challenge they must overcome is the level of efficiency provided to the users and maintaining the privacy of clients who engage on their platforms. X-Margin is a company offering a solution that lets them manage their capital pools effectively and ensure complete privacy through multiple tools and integrations.

How Does X-Margin Work?

With so much competition present right now among trading platforms, staying one step ahead of that competition requires something special. While everyone seems to be tackling that part in their own way, one thing that no one can compromise on is the efficiency of their services and the privacy of their user base. While it is one thing to develop your system to ensure that those things stay intact, another option is to get someone else to do it. X-Margin intends to be the provider of that very solution with their platform.

How Does X-Margin Work?

To be given the reigns to another platform’s financials requires a serious amount of capacity and capability. X-Margin plans to bring that to its services by creating a comprehensive and interlinked solution that addresses all the needs of any trading platform effectively and consistently. This system comprises several major angles and knowing what they are can help you gain a bit more understanding of what X-Margin is trying to achieve and whether it is a winning formula. Some of the things you can expect to see in X-Margin include the following:

  • From a lender’s perspective, the platform offers a range of options that create a complete lending experience. These include real-time risk and asset monitoring of the borrowing party from a network of DeFis, exchanges, and more, user-selected venues for loan asset movement, dedicated APIs for loan entry and management, and more.
  • Borrowers also benefit from X-Margin’s services in several ways. One of them is the ability to borrow against your complete portfolio including DeFi, derivatives, and cross-exchange spots. They can also create historical profiles for quicker acceptance, competitive pricing access and seamless lender connections and share summary matrices to lenders in real-time without losing privacy.
  • The platform is also unbiased and private with neutral risk calculations. The company uses cryptographic proofs and attestations, institutional-grade risk engines, and distributed confidential computing.

X-Margin Team

X-Margin has a highly experienced team with diverse profiles that cover the fields of cryptography, professional trading, financial engineering and management, and risk management. They are also backed by many renowned investors and have strategic partnerships to steer the course of this operation.

How to Participate?

X-Margin is currently not in the phase of conducting an ICO for public participation. However, you could join at a later stage when it comes up by following their website and socials to stay up to date on future progress.

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