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Communication platforms are highly unreliable when it comes to user privacy and security. A new solution is needed that ensures user privacy with better control and XMTP could be the solution.
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About XMTP

We are living in a world where corporations are inventing new ways to extract user data without permission. They are using it for all sorts of applications including advertising, corporate strategy building, and more. In some cases, it has also led to users being harassed online by people who should not be able to access their private information. With regulation on the matter still far from being ironclad, an alternative solution is required that provides absolute privacy protection and more personal information control for users. XMTP is aiming to be a communication platform that does exactly that.

How Does XMTP Work?

Ensuring user privacy and data protection in terms of communication covers quite a few different phenomena. This can be simply about ensuring complete data encryption in messaging services, improved corporate communication strategies for companies, and even exchange information on blockchains and crypto wallets. XMTP covers all these bases thoroughly by providing a platform that tears down communication barriers while ensuring user protection from scams, spam, and other hacks. Here are some of the key service features of XMTP that you should know about.

  • Security is the first and foremost requirement that XMTP addresses with its platform. Users need to know that their data is safe and that the system puts in place measures that prevent scammers and spammers from exploiting them. Even platforms can benefit from it and avoid damaging relationships with users and influencers alike due to bad reputations.
  • One of the most common issues users face on traditional communication platforms is their personal data being used for advertising and other annoying functions. The platform has an earning mechanism that does not rely on consumer data and is based on community profit sharing.
  • The decentralized and open nature of the platform ensures that everything happening on the platform is transparent and available to its users. It also uses a model where users benefit from participating in the platform and no single entity has control over it.


The people who have created XMTP are highly experienced blockchain developers, software engineers, social media and marketing specialists, and crypto enthusiasts.

How to Participate?

With no current news available from XMTP regarding an upcoming ICO, you can stay up to date by following their social platforms and official website.

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