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The developing world is significantly behind when it comes to crypto, trading, banking, and finance in general. XREX offers a solution that could start the journey towards leveling the playing field.

About XREX

Online financial solutions are no longer far and few and wherever you look, you will find some company trying to create something new. However, even with the technology and global connectivity going so far, there is still a noticeable disadvantage for users who hail from developing countries. With smaller economies and high fees, it is not possible for many people to put a firm step forward. XREX is a platform aiming to empower those people by offering several unique and saving-focused features that would help reduce that disadvantage significantly.

How Does XREX Work?

To make the type of solution XREX is aiming to create work, a lot of key components and features need to come together. It is essential that people building such a solution understand how to integrate them and create a seamless experience. Thankfully, the team at XREX realizes this factor and has come up with several important features to make banking and trading easier. To give you an idea of what they are working on, we are sharing some of the key features that you can expect to see on XREX as a user.

  • The biggest issue that the users of international financial systems face in smaller and developing economies is transaction rates. With the money conversion itself taking such a large chunk of their assets away every time, it is important that they do not suffer more during the trading itself. XREX offers an average transaction rate of 0.1% which is extremely low compared to most other traditional trading and finance platforms.
  • The biggest market that anyone can target in growing economies is India and XREX happens to be (as per their claim) the only exchange that allows fiat-crypto exchanges with support for both US Dollar and India Rupee.
  • There are countless financial platforms currently running in countries like India and similar places that are scams. Sifting through their complicated and often hidden terms is often not possible and a lot of people end up losing their assets. XREX provides extremely high cybersecurity measures with fraud protection and payment guarantees.


The people who have created XREX are highly experienced blockchain specialists, finance and trading experts, and entrepreneurs with a connection to developing markets, especially India.

How to Participate?

XREX has not shared any public announcement so far regarding an ICO event. However, you can keep yourself updated on the latest developments through their website and social media profiles.

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