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We are living in a world where information is becoming the ultimate item of value. Protecting it against attacks and censorships is a common goal for many and xx network is aiming for a key role.

About xx network

Data privacy is facing a major attack these days as large corporations are being brought in by government bodies to question information security breaches. The very platforms that we thought would keep our information safe are busy selling them to the highest bidder. While this may not be a matter of concern for some people, there are many of us out there who want to keep our data private and secure. This also extends to any media and documentation that we may have that we do not want anyone to look into. xx network offers a solution to that fundamental problem through a messenger app that gives you back control over your life and data.

How Does xx network Work?

While all the crypto platforms and networks claim to provide data privacy and protection at some level, they still lack in terms of quality at one point or another. xx network aims to address that vulnerability and create a truly secure network where you have complete peace of mind. To achieve such a communication environment, several key features have been put in place. Here are a few that you should also know about to gauge their potential.

  • Perhaps the biggest plus point for this platform is the incredible leap it has made in data security in the form of quantum protection. Your data is secured against regular attacks and ones made through quantum computing. The app also offers compact quantum signatures, which means there is no need for countless pairwise signatures.
  • The app itself is built on the xx network which is as secure as any platform can get right now. Everything has end-to-end encryption, and the platform does not capture any metadata. According to the developers, it is also the only Layer One protocol that can block quantum computing attacks.
  • Being a blockchain-based service means crypto transfers and you do get to enjoy transactions on the xx coin directly through the app. It is super easy to use and as secure as the network itself.

xx network Team

The people responsible for creating this super-secure communication platform have extensive experience in blockchain technology, software and app development, quantum computing, and working for major tech companies.

How to Participate?

While there is no ICO announced by the company at the moment, you can keep an eye on the latest developments through their website and social media pages.

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