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Engage your NFTs in a constant passive income stream by joining the ZooDAO platform, a unique place where you can battle your NFTs against others to generate an income in a no-loss environment.

About ZooDAO

Community governance and NFT income were not too common before and both these things were first possible, thanks to ZooDAO, a community-based organization. Through its use of gamification, the platform allows users to pitch their NFTs in a battle against other NFTs and the community stakes $ZOO and $DAI in its favor to determine which of the NFTs the audience favors the most. The owners and participants are both rewarded through further yield generation, so no one loses anything.

What Makes Zoo DAO Different?

ZooDAO is taking an entirely novel approach towards NFT ownership and its usefulness. According to the audience, it takes a conventional battling system in gaming and uses it to leverage NFTs against how much each of them can fight their opponent. This staking system is responsible for ensuring that no one is really losing money by putting a value on the NFTs’ capacities. Here are a few things about ZooDAO that you should keep in mind when playing or even investing.

  • Unique battling solution which involves pitching NFTs against each other in a system that works through staking of $ZOO and $DAI against each NFT that they prefer. Voting happens on the NFTs against these stakes and the system uses Yearn.Finance to generate yield which means no one is at all loss when participating in the stake on each battle.
  • The support for NFTs from other platforms is quite amazing and you can also find your own sources for adding to the platform. You will always come out with something good to battle against if you design your own characters.
  • There are multiple key integrations that the system provides for all its users, each of them being extremely useful for the platform in separate ways. These include Aragon’s DAO infrastructure for the actual platform, Yearn.Finance for organic yield derivation and equitable rewards for ZooDAO users, and Chainlink’s VRF for secure cryptographical randomness in NFT bots.

ZooDAO Team

ZooDAO is the creation of some of the most talented and enthusiastic crypto developers, game developers, programmers, blockchain specialists, economics and finance experts, and more. 

How to Participate?

ZooDAO will hold a Public Sale for their ZOO token in January 2022. However, the final date is yet to be announced. The total fundraising goal is two million tokens, with the price being US$0.2 per token.

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